The Option to Buy A Second Hand Car

Published On June 26, 2017 | By Camden Leon | Finance

India’s metropolitans are home to a number of cars on the roads, these cars go through some of the most mixed terrains with potholes, speed breakers and some really bad traffic jams. The cars in India must be fit enough to go through all this without any damage. Therefore, the car a person buys should have a good ground clearance and mileage while also being not too expensive. For this use, the Maruti Suzuki Swift DZire is a favorite car.

Features of the Maruti Suzuki Swift DZire


Maruti Suzuki as it is has been a favorite for Indian families for a while, adding to their classic cars is the Swift DZire. This car has a good clearance of 170mm and a good mileage with an ex-showroom price of rupees 7 lakh (approximately). To make this price even better is the fact that this car is doing very well in the used market as well, it is available for as low at rupees 3 lakh.

Finances Of Buying A Used Car

Looking for a car has always been a big step for a family, especially financially speaking. Taking a car loan is, of course, an option. However, paying the loan back is a task and there is interest to be paid as well. However, that being said it is not impossible. Banks have special used Car loans as well to ensure that while buying a car and paying off the loan, the buyer still remains satisfied. To do so, banks give offers like flexible EMI and even cash back.

Where To Buy A Pre-Owned Car

Pre-owned cars are available at a number of used car dealerships. Maruti True Value is a car dealership network with professionals to guide the buyer as well, Mahindra First Choice, too, sells certified used Maruti Suzuki Swift DZire in Bangalore. Other than physical dealerships, there are many online portals that sell pre-owned cars. They have various filters like price range, color, number of previous owners and fuel type, amongst other filters.

Buying a used car has been a stigma of sorts in India, however with such offers and a general development in society, people have started letting go of the idea that buying a used car is not a good idea. People have started buying pre-owned cars and the stigma has reduced considerably.



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