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Published On January 30, 2018 | By Camden Leon | News

Nobody would argue that it is not only becoming harder and harder to earn an honest dollar but even harder to make it last as long as it used to. And while there doesn’t seem to be any signs of this situation changing anytime soon, there are steps which you can take to help make the most out of your dollar!

Buy in Bulk

The best place to start is with buying in bulk. However, it isn’t as simple as heading to your local warehouse-store and picking up your regular shopping list.

Start with a meal plan for a couple of weeks or for a month ahead. Once you have everything planned, look for meals which share ingredients for meals which you can adjust for the purpose. Using this method will allow you to take advantage of bulk savings without having to waste much of the product because it went past its expiration date or you bought something because you thought it was a good deal but never ended up using it.

Coupons and Vouchers Are Your Best Friends

There was once a time when using a coupon meant scouring through newspapers and magazines and cutting out numerous pieces of paper.

However, times have definitely changed. Now, taking advantage of a dollar general coupon on Groupon Coupons to save on your grocery bill is as easy as visiting a website!

With the intent of the internet, coupon and voucher companies quickly realized the potential technology offered and began to move their offerings from print-based to entirely digital. But while the process may be different, you can rest assured that the discounts still remain!

Renew Your Contracts

It’s likely that a number of your monthly relate to recurring payments for services, such as internet access, electricity, insurance, and any other recurring payment you have.

And while you will likely want to keep using these services, it’s time to speak with the providers about the rate they are charging you. This isn’t’ because they are trying to rip you off, but merely because you are still paying the same rates for an offer you signed years ago.

Instead of assuming that you are paying the best rates for your monthly services, speak with each of your provider about renewing your contract for a lower rate. Once you speak with them, write down their offer and be sure to shop around with a range of similar providers to find the best deal. Often times, if you are comfortable to sign a long contract you can take advantage of some serious savings.

Keep Your Entertainment Free

Last but certainly not least, is your entertainment budget. After all, even the most money-savvy person doesn’t want to sit at home all day and night watching TV with nothing else to do.

Instead of spending money on entertainment, however, speak with your local tourism bureau for cheap and free activities happening in your area. Not only will they be able to help you find reasonably priced entertainment but there is a chance that they can also provide you with free tickets!

Keeping your monthly expense to a minimum isn’t an impossible task, it just takes the right tips and advice like the ones above.

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