Billing Criteria And Services Expected From A Public Adjuster

Published On March 16, 2016 | By Camden Leon | Finance

There are many public adjusting services consisting of experienced experts, all around the globe. If you wish to find the right public adjuster for the job, then you have to look through many aspects that each PA offer to their customers in their list of services.

After suffering from either major or minor property damage, you have to find a reputable public adjuster to take care of insurance claim procedure. The process will usually include,

  • Prepare an assessment report that includes detailed information about the incident and damages caused
  • Check and ensure that they have explained everything in the document and not a single damaged part is left unmentioned
  • Preparing paperwork in such a way that it will answer all the questions clearly that the insurance company may target you with

Public adjusters are in business from past few decades. So if you are looking to hire one, then you will get to judge them through customer reviews, their experience, number of success rates, etc.

Fee for Public Adjusting

The fee for public adjusting is not universally decided. Hence, you cannot expect the same fee structure in all the public adjusting services provided around your locality. The billing idea as followed by each public adjusting service will be based on many aspects such as –

Fee for Public Adjusting

  • Flat Rate

Most of the times, your claim will be quite large and possibly may not require a lengthy process to successfully achieve it. Such cases will be decided easily based on the regulations that they fulfill, in accordance to the insurance company’s terms. Hence, your public adjuster will just decide the overall charges, with the help of flat rate billing option.

Since the process is simple, the billing here will also be simple. Hence, it is suggested to discuss the actual fee that you should pay to the public adjuster, before signing any contract in order to save yourself from additional expenses.

  • Hourly Charges

When you visit a potential public adjuster to discuss about the case, they should help you understand about the maximum hours that it might take to help you claim damage settlement. Based on this, some adjusters decide what exactly they will be charging their customer. However, remember that not all public adjusting services will provide you with this kind of billing option.

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  • Contingent Fee

Contingent fee pattern is commonly used payment process applied by almost every public adjuster. In this payment structure, you will not be paying cash to your public adjuster, but a certain percentage of your overall insurance claim. This will be credited to the bank account of the public adjuster, only if you attain an approval for claim settlement.

This is the most preferred way of paying fees to their public adjuster by almost every policy holder, who hire them to help them in claim property insurance cases. For more information about where to look for public adjuster or the role of PA feel free to visit

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